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iSetup specialise in integrating your Home Entertainment System leaving you with confident understanding of its operation and make it easy for you to use.

From a simple Plasma or LCD setup to the grandest Home Cinema.

iSetup use only high quality cabling and will make it work !
LCD or Plasma
The most commonly asked question -

"Should I buy an LCD or Plasma?"

Depending on the intensity of light in your viewing room and your preference to viewing programs such as sport or documentaries will have a bearing on your decision process !

Call 0407 822 377 and let us help you make the right choice!
High Definition
Free to air television is broadcast in HD High Definition with truly stunning resolution!

In addition Foxtel recently released a range of High Definition programs with stunning clarity.

Let iSetup help you cable your gear to let you benefit from this truly stunning High Definition resolution.
Full HD 1080p
LCD, Plasma and Theatre Projection Systems are now available in FullHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 meaning 1920 from left to right with 1080 lines from top to bottom.

Picture quality has to be seen to be believed.

FullHD 1080p is the perfect match for Blu-ray DVD equipment.
HDMI digital means High Definition Multi-media Interface which is the latest in the connection of high resolution digital equipment such as Blu-ray DVD, DV Video cameras and the amazing Playstation PS4 and X-Box to FullHD display panels and Home Theatre Projectors.

Let iSetup help you understand HDMI and your equipment!
Cabling and Connection
iSetup only use High Quality Cables and Filtered Surge Protection Power Boards ensuring you get the best out of your equipment!

High quality cables available through i setup ensure you get the best from your equipment!

You will be amazed at how good it can look!
Universal Remotes
We also integrate multiple remote controls into easy-to-use Programmable Universal Remote Controls making remote control operation simple taking away confusion!

iSetup make it work and make it simple!
4K Ultra-HDTV
High definition has taken another leap forward now with four times the resolution of Full HD, unrivalled upscaling and unequalled colour reproduction, 4K Ultra-HD is setting a new standard in home entertainment.
Wall Mounting
Wall mounting and cable management is the key to transforming a casual living room with a bench mounted TV surrounded by messy cabling into your own stylish Home Theatre.

The viewing experience is optimised once the TV panel is positioned on the wall at a correct viewing height.

Add a Sound Bar or full Multi Speaker Surround System that envelopes you into the movie soundtrack and you may never leave home.

Let iSetup show you how.
Home Theatre AV
A Sound Bar allows you to enjoy rich theatre-like sound in space restricted rooms or appartments where cabling of rear speakers is not possible.

Should you have the space to place up to 7 speakers throughout your room, then you can recreate the sound of your local cinema, in fact in many cases, an even better experience in your controlled environment.

From $500 to $100,000, iSetup can help you create your own spectacular Home Theatre experience.
Acoustic Panels
Does your room sound like your bathroom ?

Hard floor surfaces and boxy rooms make for unpleasant audio reproduction.

Let iSetup show you how you can place attractive acoustic sound absorbing panels to treat the problem frequencies and create a warm acoustic Home Theatre environment.
Aquarium Consultancy and Design
Custom Aquarium Consultancy and Design for Tropical and Marine Reef with real Live Rock and Corals or an easier to maintain Artificial Reef.

Create your own Living Room snapshot of a calming reef with all of nature’s underwater beauty and colour.

Get in touch with iSetup now!

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